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Finding Solutions

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Community groups can work alongside G3 to create a positive mindset, increase awareness, implement enforcement, share solutions and create change.

Working Together: Partnerships

The G3 team has liaised with Grenada’s Solid Waste Division, Spice Isle Recycling and the Beautification Committee; has surveyed ten schools, maintained a close working relationship with Grenada’s Chief Environmental Officer, joined forces with former Minister of Environment, Glynis Roberts; and has initiated partnerships with the St. Patrick’s Environmental and Community Tourism Organization (SPECTO), the Education Conservation Outreach (ECO) at St. George’s University and the Caribbean Youth Environmental Network (CYEN), in an effort to foster effective partnerships and find effective solutions. However, our greatest partnership is with you! Join forces with G3 today to combat litter in your community.

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