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Towards a New Era

With the hype of the election simmering down, it is time to take a step back and truly see what just transpired: change. What exactly will change I wonder? Will this be the start of pothole-less streets and clean beaches? Maybe. Will this be just another election that comes and goes with nothing to show for it? Maybe that too.

None of us can see the future and there is no use just sitting around guessing what tomorrow will bring. So instead of rolling a dice and hoping for a better tomorrow, let us be the change and MAKE a better tomorrow. Every little bit counts. Something as simple as instead of walking by the soda can on the side of the road every day on your way to work, maybe this time pick it up and put it in the nearest bin. Instead of watching your friend throw their empty food carton out their car window, remind them to wait until they can dispose of it properly.

The world only has one Grenada and the world only has one of you. But when we work together as a community, each doing our part, we don’t have to keep hoping for that better tomorrow, we can CREATE the better tomorrow. So while some of us are still going to sit and hope, maybe you can find that a new era in government can also usher in a new era in your hearts and mind. An era of beauty, an era of caring for this beautiful country, and an era of community.

by the Grenada Green Group

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