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From Garbage to Composting

We have heard it all before, throw away your trash, be nice to the environment, don’t litter, blah blah blah. But all of that sounds like just more work. If only there was a way to make throwing away our garbage fun, then it would be easy. But there is! Natural litter can be converted from something annoying and bothersome, to something as lovely as a flower or as delicious as a mango, all with the help of composting! Instead of letting dinner scraps like tomatoes and bananas or carboard packaging go to waste, it can instead be converted into powerful fertilizer for a beautiful garden.

To start off, find somewhere in your backyard that is shaded and protected. As you add the ingredients to the compost, things like grass trimmings, fruits and vegetables, or carboard, keep it moist and protected. Before you know it, you will have nutritious compost called “humus” that will help your garden grow like never before. But the wonders of composting do not stop there. Not only will it help your garden, but it also

actually benefits your entire community.

Compost can filter water in a more natural way than synthetic fertilizer. This means rainfall that makes its way to the ocean will be cleaner and more natural. Also, compost stabilizes the soil which protects it from erosion. Especially with the steep slopes that Grenada has, compost keeps the nutritious soil strong and not susceptible to rainfall sweeping it away. All in all, compost has proven to be excellent for the environment as well as fun to do. If we all come together and chip in, we can help keep Grenada pure, clean, and green.

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