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G3 Visits Schools

As part of G3’s education programme, we are making presentations to schools about the dangers of littering. These presentations are followed up with pledges, which students make, promising e.g. not to drop litter, to prompt family and friends not to litter, and to challenge those whom they see littering. Some students are composing public service announcements, role plays, and designing posters and billboards for use In the wider campaign. A teacher at each school is responsible for the follow-up tasks, to which G3 is happy to support them. The links with the schools are intended to be long-term, and we hope will lead to each school adopting an area to keep clean.

G3 President - Mandoo Seales
Happy Primary School
Westerhall Secondary School

We shall continue with other schools towards the end of the year. The youngsters’ work will be featured on various platforms, including printed and broadcast media, and on our social media and that of our partner businesses, starting with Republic Bank.

We are grateful to the principals and staff at these and other schools for letting us intrude on their time. We are also appreciative of the attentiveness of the students at both schools, who seemed to take our message seriously.

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