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The Litter Problem - Grenada


Grenada is in the process of outfitting dumping 'hot spots' around the island with surveillance cameras, in the hope of catching culprits. This is according to Communications Manager of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority, Myrna Julien. In this the first in a series of reports in the OECS Journalist Challenge: Clean Oceans, Sorana's report is looking at the problem of littering and how our actions on land affect our marine environment. Watch this Video showcasing the clean up on Ronde Island by Maria Mafla and efforts by the Grenada Solid Waste Management. Click here

Appearing in this report:

  • Kendon James - Environmentalist and Manager of Conservation

  • Kayak Kate Charles - Marine Biologist and Managing Director of Ocean Spirit

  • Johanna Kostka - Grenada Green Group Affiliate and Tourist Tour Guide

  • Myrna Julien - Communications Manager, Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority

  • Students of Green Street Pre-Primary School Carol James - Principal, Green Street Pre-Primary School Video showcasing the clean up on Ronde Island by Maria Mafla

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