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Turn your Food Waste to Compost!

Every day, the average person throws away 1.3 lbs of food daily. This results in over 400lbs a year and almost one BILLION tonnes a year globally. That food ends up on our streets, a prime place to attract disease carrying mosquitos and rats, or to our already brimming landfills. If only there was a way to get this food transformed into something useful instead of throwing it away. But there is! With the help of composting, you can take that half-eaten tomato or discarded banana peel and make into something as delicious as a ripe mango or as beautiful as a flower.

Composting is the act of using decayed organic matter, such as cardboard, grass trimmings, and food as fertilizer. It can be a fun and rewarding project for your whole family with only just a little setup. To start, find somewhere shaded and protected that's

easy to access, such as your backyard. Then when you add the organic material, keep it moist and covered. Before you know it, it will convert into nutritious fertilizer for whatever you wish to grow next.

The excellent benefits of composting are incredibly not just limited to you and your family, but to your whole community. Composting stabilizes the earth. Up to 1/3 of the total dirt has been lost in the last few decades due to rainfall and Grenada's steep slopes. Composting keeps the soil strong and resilient to the weather's attempts of erosion and keeps the mountainsides secure. Also, it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than synthetic fertilizer. When rainfall travels through it and eventually ends in the ocean, the water will be free of harsh chemicals that would otherwise be prevalent.

Composting has been proven to be of great benefit to those who practice it. It not only maintains the famous beauty Grenada is known for, but to actually help improve it! If we work together, along with the power of composting, we can help keep Grenada pure, clean, and green.

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