G3 Visits Schools

As part of G3’s education programme, we are making presentations to schools about the dangers of littering. These presentations are...

Keep Garbage out of the Ocean!

February 28, 2020 On Sunday 23rd February 2020, Eco Dive held another of their monthly underwater clean-ups along Grand Anse beach,...

The effects of plastics

Last month, we looked at the effect of plastics in the ocean. Today, it is the turn of the land. Look around you. It is almost certain...

The Ocean is not our Garbage Bin!

As I was walking along the Carenage on Wednesday, I saw someone on a boat empty out a dustpan into the sea. I did not see exactly what...

Finding Solutions

Community groups can work alongside G3 to create a positive mindset, increase awareness, implement enforcement, share solutions and...

The Litter Problem

The Grenada Green Group has been in existence for 5 years now. Our group has the aim of reducing substantially the amount of litter which...


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Join us in our efforts to stop litter: Work with us to keep Grenada pure, clean and green